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Meet the team

These are the stages everyone's running

Fiona Flower Fund runs London to Cardiff​

On Friday June 7th we're running a 24 hour team relay from London to Cardiff to raise money for the Fiona Flower Fund. The team's made up of swimmers, runners, skiers and skydivers who think they can run. The aim is to get there in 24 hours without getting lost (for some of the Flowers, this might be difficult).

Kick off is from Twickenham Stadium at 10am on Friday 7th June!

Fiona Flower Fund

Follow our progress​

We're running with a GPS baton, so you can either follow us on the map below, or by clicking here (https://www.spytecgps.com/spytecgps/client/mike_flower/maps/index1.php). The current runner is ALBERT, and the minibus with the rest of the crew is BENSON. You can get the password from me at mike_flower@hotmail.com.

Kit list

Here’s what’s recommended. Pack what you want, but it’s got to fit into one duffel bag (we need to fit everyone, kit, food and drinks onto one minibus)



Running socks x 2

Running kit x 2 (in case it gets wet)

FFF stash

Hoody/warm jumper

Tracksuit bottoms/warm bottoms

Warm socks



Waterproof jacket 

Florescent jacket (or some other florescent kit for the night stage)

Change of clothes (Sat/Sun)

Dry shoes

Other stuff
Stage maps for your stages (essential)
Water Bottle
Head torch (essential for night stage)
Compass (optional)
Sleeping bag (optional/small)
Travel pillow (optional/small)
Wash stuff
Any medical items you need 
Plasters/blister plasters

We’ll being some food and sports drinks along, but we’ll be stopping off for food and water at certain stagepoints (see route). We’ll bring a small first aid kit, but if you know you need plasters, please bring some along.